Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our unfinished Walk Out Basement is about to receive Drywall and a Sofa from Ashley Furniture!

Five years ago we started the process of finishing our walkout basement. We were so excited to add square footage (about another 1200) to our home. At the time we had planned on adding a pantry, a pool table room, and an area with a bar. Obviously before parenthood, or even thoughts of parenthood. Then we received our first placement, JayJay. My hubby continued to work on the basement, around a new babies schedule. If JayJay was sleeping he was not to lift a hammer. Lets just say that the process slowed down immensely. Then our second baby came into the picture and progress came to a stop. By the time our third child arrived we desperately needed the space but did not have a moment of spare time to work on it.

Now that our kids are a bit older we have been able to collect our thoughts. Our first focus was to finish that basement. So, in the last two months my hubby has put it in overdrive and finished the plumbing, and framing. We had the inspector out today and we can start the insulation which should only take a few days. Then we get to start the drywall process!!! I am so excited. Apparently hubby is excited because as you can see, he already started putting in the insulation.
But now with three kids, what was going to be the pool table room is now the television room. We are so excited that we have already purchased the sofa sectional from Ashley Furniture. Not the best picture, but this is the sofa we purchased. With a delivery of two to six weeks I am keeping my fingers crossed we have it before Christmas.
What was going to be the "Bar" area is now going to hold a refrigerator (filled with juice boxes) and a microwave to make popcorn for family movie nights. Yes, we are still keeping the pantry. Now more than ever we need a large pantry. A family of five requires a lot of food.

I will keep you posted as we finish our basement. I am so grateful that my hubby has been able to do the majority of the work himself. He is an amazing man!!!

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