Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bounce Houses, Bounce Slides, and Velcro Walls what more could a kid want!

What do you get an 8 year old when they seem to have everything? Well you make them something... Thank goodness this 8 year old likes to be in the kitchen, so I made her an apron. The only problem is that I was totally crazy about the apron by the time I finished it. I so badly wanted to keep it for one of my girls!
I knew just an apron would not cut it for an 8 year old, so I found this darling Disney Princess Cookbook and pink spatula to complete the gift.
Her birthday party was a blast. Here is the deal, I have kids, I love kids, but I dread kid Birthday Parties. Most of the time I would rather be scrubbing toilets then going to kids parties but we have kids so I better get use to it. I actually so enjoyed this, that I think we will be doing it for JayJays party in January. Right around the time we will be up to our eyeballs in snow...
They had two of these bounce slides. Ademan spent almost the entire time going up and down them.
JayJay was the only one of our kids that wanted anything to do with the Velcro wall. She loved it, until we had a little hair snafu... Lets just say her hair does not do well with Velcro...
They had an adventure play area (2 stories tall, puts the play areas at McDonald's to shame), and this slide was a huge hit with my kids. O.K. and me, I kept secretly hoping my kids would get stuck on top so I could go down the slide. It is a black, super steep slide. You cant see anything and you are going crazy fast. There is a reason those mats are at the bottom...
LeiLei and Ademan going down the slide. I took probably 60 pictures and maybe only 10 aren't completely blurred! My kids were on the move the entire time. This place also has 3 bounce houses, mini basketball hoops on the wall, teeter toters, and so much more.
Like I said I think I see a Birthday Party there in our future!


  1. We had a blast too! That place was awesome for any kid under 10! Thanks for coming and celebrating with us! We love u guys! -B

  2. hahaha! JaJa's puffs got snagged in the Velcro? Oh my stars,,, to funny!

  3. I posted last night but don't see it. Anyhow again it was a lot of fun. Thank u for coming. We love u guys! It was a great place for any child under 10 with a winter birthday! -B


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