Thursday, October 24, 2013

Really, I didnt see that coming... Ankle Braces???

Every once in a while you are reminded to not be so focused on one thing. I have been so caught up in LeiLei and getting her the help that she needs that I didn't even notice what was going on with my Ademan. Hubby and I joke that Ademan has Fred Flinstone feet but we never thought anything of it.
He was at a Physical Therapy evaluation recently and what we perceived as Fred Flinstone feet are actually ankles that are rolling in. This is very common, but his are rolling in pretty good. We were told that he might actually have to wear braces. I will find out more next Friday when we see the Physical Therapist for his first official appointment.
They say it takes a Village to raise a family and I firmly believe that. Unfortunately, we don't have that, most of our family live in a different state. We have a handful of close friends that we know we can always reach out to for help. I do take comfort in that, but for normal every day life the burden lies on me. Which is why I tend to get focused on just getting through the day or through the obstacle that lies ahead. We are fortunate to have a good medical team, some of whom are Foster/Adopt parents so they understand the challenges we face. They also understand how easy it is to miss key things, like ankles rolling in. I guess occasionally we need a wake up call to help us redirect our focus.
So that being said I am going away for a few days to regroup. I will be tucked in the Cascades, breathing fresh air, and slowing down (even if it is short lived). Stay tuned I will be posting pictures!

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