Thursday, October 3, 2013

I am tired

Have you ever been tired? I mean really tired. You know, the kind of tired that when you wake up in the morning your eyes are already burning. Or the kind of tired that keeps you from sitting down, because you know if you do you will fall asleep. Which is what you can't do when you have three little ones running around. That is how tired I am. Not just me, apparently my kids are feeling it as well.

Between preschool, therapy appointments, doctors appointments, WIC appointments (the kids qualify for WIC through adoption support and since Ademan drinks $250.00 worth of Pediasure each month on top of his regular diet we make use of WIC), harvesting the last of the garden, freezing and or canning  the garden veggies, grocery shopping, cooking, making endless phone calls to people/businesses (that don't call back), wiping tears, putting kids in time out, taking care of pets, and trying to keep the house clean I am worn out.

I would love to just curl up on a sofa and be lazy all day. One of those super plush reclining sofas.

Oh wait we don't have one, we don't even have a sofa. If anyone at Lazy Boy wants to donate a reclining sofa to a super tired Foster Family, we would have a hard time turning it down. Until then I will remain in the upright position so that I can continue to get everything done.

Have a great day!


  1. Poor lil Aidyman... so tired! But so cute! :) <3 Aunt B

    1. I know! Why don't they get stiff necks like us?

  2. Oh, wish I could help out. I do know what its like to be super, super tired. Raising small children and running a home can do that to one. Take care. Lots of hugs and kisses. Aunt Linda

  3. Oh if only I could fall asleep so easily... shhh! don't wake him,,, he needs to conserve his energy to keep up with his 2 older sisters! lol!
    Some day, sooner then you know,,, all this will be a memory... enjoy it all, every smile, every tear and every hug!

  4. What a great picture!!!! Sometimes I feel that tired.....


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