Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Surprisingly Nice Day

Today is going to be a good day. The sun has been shining for two full days up here, so I am feeling pretty darn good. I found out last year that I have extremely low Vitamin D levels. Many people suffer from it yet most are unaware. When my levels are where they are suppose to be, I am sharp as a tack. When they are not at the level they should be, it is a constant struggle to not be sleepy. The kind of sleepy that you cant control. In the past I have pulled up to a red light and nearly fallen asleep.  For me, being that sleepy and unable to accomplish projects also leads to depression. It is scary. Now that I know, I take 5,000 IUD a day during the summer, and winter is a whole other story. Last winter my doctor had me on a prescription for 50,000 IUD once a week. I will continue to have my levels checked every three months, especially going into winter. If you have never had your Vitamin D levels tested, I urge you to.

Back to why today is going to be a good day... I did not have time to make coffee this morning, due to getting my two girls all done up for picture day at school. After I dropped them off, I decided to yet again drive through Starbucks. Today was a simpler Latte kind of a day. When I pulled up to pay, the man asked if I ordered a white chocolate mocha. No, I had not. Nor have I ever heard of it.  They then realized that my order was not inputted into their computer. So they took my order again, and made my drink on the fly. Which resulted in a FREE drink for me! Yahoo!! If that doesn't put a little spring in your step, I don't know what does. Thank you Starbucks for going above and beyond. How many businesses do you know that would give you their product for free if they mess up...

Then it was off to Speech Therapy with my Ademan. That is when I noticed it. It being The Change... Yes! I wait for this day all year, and it happened today on the day I received my free coffee. The leaves have turned from green to a golden yellow and some are even a vibrant red. Time to start taking pictures...

To make the day a complete success... When picking up my girls from school, I was told that LeiLei had quite a good day. I was a bit nervous (obviously after Monday) because today was picture day. Meaning their routine at school was going to be changed. LeiLei told me this morning she was going to work extra hard at being good today. I am so happy for her.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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