Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Behavioral Specialist and a Sigh of Relief

I feel like taking a large sigh of relief. My hubby and I have spent at least a year trying to figure out how to get our LeiLei the help she needs. We struggled because we really did not know (and still do not) what was wrong with her. We did know deep down that her behavior was off. Adding to the struggle was the fact that so many people we would confide in, would tell us that it was normal three year old behavior. Our instinct told us that it was not normal, and you should always stick to your instinct.
Today LeiLei and I went to our first appointment with a Behavioral Specialist. I don't know what I was expecting, but let me say, it is nothing like I had expected. LeiLei was told to go play in the play room, and if she needed us, she was to knock on the door and wait for us to open it. Then I was told to sit in this super plush chair, and the questions began.  It took an entire hour to  give her the full background for LeiLei, something I would have thought should have taken maybe 15 minutes, boy was I wrong.  Towards the end of the appointment I told her I did have a video of LeiLei having one of her episodes. She went ahead and watched it (even though later she admitted to not liking watching videos because most of the time they truly don't show anything). I sure was glad that I came prepared with a video of one of LeiLeis melt downs. She probably watched it at least ten times, she even had me e-mail it to her so that she could show it to another therapist for a second opinion.  By the end of the appointment she confirmed that we definitely have some issues. What they are is still to be determined. I am sure it will take many sessions before we can really put it all together.
It fills me with joy to know that I can now start to help my baby girl.


  1. Always go with your gut. It's telling you something; maybe you don't know what, but something. You did right, you followed your instincts and found help for Lei Lei. Bless you. Aunt Linda

  2. Wow Mer! You and Evan are amazing parents. Always go with ur instincts (like u have) no matter what anybody says. Advice and talking is always good, but ultimately You are the parents and live 24/7 with your children. This is a great step for her and for u all! We need a play date!! Love u guys! -B

    1. Thank you friend!! Yes we do need a play date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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